Kristin Adkins Healer

Kristin Adkins Healer

Kristin Adkins HealerKristin Adkins HealerKristin Adkins Healer

Energy Healer | Reiki Master 

Master Trainer Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT

Public Speaker 

Intuitive | Tarot Reader

Wine Enthusiast

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Living with Autoimmune Disorder

Travel this journey with me as I search 

for answers for my daily autoimmune issues.

What do the professionals really know? 

Discussions with Doctors and Healers.


Guided Mindful Meditation

What do stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and pain all have in common?  
It's the perfect storm for Autoimmune
How does hypnosis and hypnotherapy help?


Energy Healing Hypnosis

How can an energy healer, Hypnosis and NLP do to help you heal?


Oracle & Tarot Reading

As a spiritual intuitive let's check in 

with the Universe Daily

Guidance Gratitude & Abundance 


Wine Tasting with Kristin & Tamey

Enjoying Wine Vicariously with K & T